Streamlining IT Operations at Raymond James

Webcast Title: Streamlining IT Operations at Raymond James with BlueStripe FactFinder
Recorded on: Tuesday December 17, 2013


Jeffrey Palmiero – Architect, Raymond James Investments
Vic Nyman – COO and Co-founder, BlueStripe Software


Similar to other large investment firms, application complexity was creating issues for The Raymond James IT Operations teams. Even though they had suites of management tools available to them, the team struggled to solve performance & availability problems. When they added BlueStripe to the mix, that all changed!

Why Watch This Video?

  • Learn how application complexity leads to performance & availability problems
  • Understand how BlueStripe’s FactFinder bridges the gap between applications and underlying infrastructure systems
  • See a product demonstration of BlueStripe FactFinder Application and Transaction Monitoring Software

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