State Auto Turbo-Charges IT Monitoring with Microsoft System Center and BlueStripe

Webcast Title: How State Auto Turbo-Charged Monitoring with Microsoft System Center and BlueStripe FactFinder
Presentation Date: Thursday October 3, 2013


Shawn Pearson – Supervisor, Enterprise Monitoring Group, State Auto Insurance
Daniel Savage – Principal Program Manager, Cloud and DataCenter Group, Microsoft
Vic Nyman – COO and Co-founder, BlueStripe Software


State Auto Insurance created a cutting-edge monitoring strategy with Microsoft System Center and BlueStripe FactFinder. In this webcast, learn how they automatically detect when an application tier has poor response times and route the incident to the right person. No more bridge calls or sorting through hundreds of alerts. You’ll see how State Auto combined System Center Operations Manager, Orchestrator, and BlueStripe FactFinder to deliver:

  • Dynamic Distributed Application maps in Operations Manager. Built by software, not by hand.
  • Tier-by-tier performance alerting for applications, showing the impact on users.
  • Automation in Orchestrator that routes response time alerts to the right person, with context to fix the issue.

The presentation includes:

  • Customer Case Study presented by State Auto
  • Overview of the System Center Suite by Microsoft
  • A look at the integrated BlueStripe + System Center Solution from BlueStripe