A Roadmap for Strategic IT Operations

Webcast Title: A Roadmap for Strategic IT Operations
Recorded On: Wednesday June 25, 2014 1:00 PM EDT


Chris Neal – BlueStripe Co-founder
Nick Burling – VP of Product Management


IT Leaders want to make their Operations teams strategic partners of “the business.” They want to deliver innovative business technology that helps drive revenue and profit growth.
Unfortunately, reality is much less exciting. Most Operations teams spend their time on firefights, triage and just “keeping the lights on.”

It’s not hopeless, though. Operations can break through the firefight barrier and achieve their innovation goals. It can’t be achieved in a vacuum, though. Like any transformation, it’s best to have a map.

Why Watch This Presentation?

Chris and Nick will lay out a specific roadmap for making your IT Operations team more strategic:

  • Understanding how often production disruptions occur
  • Reduce the time and manpower required to deal with performance & availability issues
  • Roll out new projects quicker
  • Free up your technology experts to explore and deliver innovative new solutions
  • Create comprehensive real-time reports that allow IT to collaborate with other business functions

In just 40 minutes, you will learn how you can move your teams focus from firefighting to innovation and optimization.
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