October 9, 2014 – Embracing Change: The Strategic Technology Migration

Most Operations managers spend a large amount of their time planning for and dealing with change. By taking a strategic approach to technology migrations, IT Operations teams can reap the benefits that new technologies provide.
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Applciation Visibility Leads to Service DeliveryApplication Visibility in System Center – Moving from Infrastructure Management to Service Delivery

BlueStripe Software delivers live application dashboards, maps, and monitoring for Microsoft System Center. Join David Seidman, Director of Product Management at BlueStripe, for a deep dive into the System Center + BlueStripe solution.
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transaction-monitoring-webinar-unum-case-studyIt’s Tough To Be Strategic When Your Pants Are On Fire

Unum Director of Infrastructure Services David Fitzgerald shares the inside story of how he transformed his team from an innovation bottleneck into a strategic partner, by putting out the application fires and focusing on delivering value-added services.
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transaction-monitoring-state-auto-microsoftState Auto Turbo-Charges IT Monitoring with Microsoft System Center and BlueStripe

The combined BlueStripe + System Center solution has helped State Auto “turbo charge” their IT monitoring. This presentation features presentations from Shawn Pearson, State Auto’s Lead Operations Engineer, and Microsoft System Center Program Manager Daniel Savage.
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End-to-End Application Visibility in the Hybrid Cloud

The “Datacenter” is being redefined by the Hybrid Cloud. Applications now span across public cloud and on-premise physical and virtual systems. BlueStripe co-founder Vic Nyman discusses best practices for application service delivery within Hybrid Cloud for IT Operations.
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Roadmap TitleA Roadmap for Strategic IT Operations

IT Leaders want their Operations teams to be strategic partners with “the business,” delivering innovative business technology that helps drive revenue and profit growth. IT Operations CAN break through the firefight barrier and achieve their innovation goals. This can’t be achieved in a vacuum, though. Like any transformation, it’s best to have a map.
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streamliningStreamlining IT Operations at Raymond James

Raymond James architect Jeffrey Palmiero describes how IT Operations at Raymond James deals with complex applications. With BlueStripe, IT Operations finally understands exactly how each application is connected to infrastructure systems, leading to streamlined application management.
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