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Transaction Monitoring Whitepaper: The Revolution in Managing Enterprise Transaction Systems

Transaction Monitoring Whitepaper:
Revolutionary Transaction Performance Management

Transaction Monitoring Whitepaper Cover Page IT Operations & Support teams are frustrated because their current transaction monitoring and application monitoring tools aren't helping them determine why problems are occurring.  This Transaction Monitoring Whitepaper explores:

  • Reasons why those BTM and APM tools are failing
  • Broader IT responsibilities that make those failures worse
  • Practical approaches that not only work, but improve Operations

Enlightened organizations have figured out that the key to delivering better performing and more available production business applications is transaction performance management.  Unfortunately, available transaction monitoring tools fall short.  They take forever to setup, generate terabytes of data, and are severely impacted by system changes.

The worst part?  Even IF an operations team gets one of these tools running, they still can’t identify WHY a transaction is slow.

A new management tool is needed that matches up with IT responsibilities: managing the whole business application - from the transactions to the systems & infrastructure they depend on.  Download this transaction monitoring whitepaper to see the critical features that make practical transaction monitoring work:

  • Automatic and continuous discovery and mapping of transaction paths
  • Performance monitoring of transactions and the systems that support them in one tool
  • Quick, easy problem resolution, identifying where AND WHY performance is suffering

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