System Center Whitepaper
This paper outlines the benefits to IT teams when using System Center with automatic, Distributed Application maps and response time alerts provided by BlueStripe's FactFinder.

Map, Monitor, and Fix Distributed Applications
in System Center 2012

Map Monitor and Manage Distributed Application in System Center 2012 - WhitepaperWithin today's complex datacenter and cloud environments, how do IT Teams know which servers each distributed application relies on? How do they find the source of performance problems in complex, multi-tier applications? How do they make the move from monitoring hardware to managing the performance of business services?

The paper describes how Microsoft partnered with BlueStripe to provide a joint solution. BlueStripe integrated its FactFinder end-to-end transaction monitoring tool with System Center 2012. As a result, System Center users get complete, multi-tier application management.

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The BlueStripe + System Center solution combines dynamic application topology maps and application context with System Center data and functionality. BlueStripe's dynamic application topology maps show users which infrastructure components make up each distributed application. This application context extends the performance, configuration, and control features in Operations Manager from individual servers to the complete distributed application.