Additional BlueStripe & Analyst Whitepapers

Complex Transaction Monitoring Whitepaper Cover PageManaging Enterprise Transactions

Rising infrastructure complexity has replaced code defects as the main source of transaction performance problems. This complexity creates management challenges for IT Operations and Lines of Business. To handle these challenges, their transaction management tools must track transactions across every component and continue to work without developer involvement.

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Service Oriented IT Operations Whitepaper Cover PageService-Oriented IT Operations

Service-Oriented IT Operations (SOITO) is a new concept based on the premise that "each component of the IT Infrastructure should be measured by its impact on user service levels." This new BlueStripe whitepaper lays out the three laws of Service Oriented IT Operations and provides concrete steps for IT Operations leaders to improve their processes and overall service level delivery.

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Transaction Monitoring Whitepaper Cover PageRevolutionary Transaction Monitoring Whitepaper

Enlightened organizations have figured out that the key to better application performance and availability is transaction performance management, but their APM and BTM tools are falling short.  This whitepaper explores a new pragmatic approach to application and transaction monitoring.

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Transaction Analytics Whitepaper CoverEMA Impact Assessment: BlueStripe Analytics (Registration Required)

IT Operations & Support teams can become flooded with too much data, from system resource metrics to application and transaction metrics. When problems occur, these teams have no way of knowing which metrics are important or even where to start — until now.

This Impact Assessment from EMA’s Julie Craig examines BlueStripe’s Correlatron™ transaction analytics, providing a nice overview of how BlueStripe can pare millions of metrics down to the 10 or 20 most important to examine.

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Five Things Your Server Monitoring Tool Should Show YouFive Things Your Server Monitoring Tool Should Show You (Registration Required)

Sysadmins need to see more than server resources to be successful. They need to see how a server participates in distributed applications and how it affects users.

This whitepaper describes five key things a sysadmin needs to know about a server to diagnose its impact on distributed applications.

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