Forrester IT Management Webinar
Transaction Monitoring:
Pragmatic Transaction Monitoring for Better IT Operations

Speaker: J-P Garbani, Forrester VP
Speaker: Vic Nyman, BlueStripe COO

Transaction Monitoring Webinar with Forrester and BlueStripe

Transaction Monitoring Webinar IT Operations & Support teams are frustrated because their transaction monitoring and application monitoring tools aren't helping them determine why problems are occurring.

Smart people have figured out that the answer lies in managing transactions. The problem is that the available transaction monitoring tools are falling short.  They take forever to setup, generate terabytes of data, are severely impacted by system changes … and still can’t identify WHY a transaction is slow.

A new management tool is needed that actually matches IT responsibilities: managing the whole business application from the transactions to the systems & infrastructure they depend on.

Forrester's J.P. Garbani joined BlueStripe's COO, Vic Nyman for a powerful webinar where they discussed a new approach to transaction monitoring that helps IT Operations teams. 

Why Watch this Recording?

Learn what you should be looking for in a transaction monitoring solution and how it can help you, including:

  • Why monitoring tools are failing in the data center, creating broken processes and broken apps
  • How modern Operations teams can cross the transaction / infrastructure gap
  • Pragmatic steps to solving this problem today

Webinar Title: Practical Transaction Monitoring for Better IT Operations
Guest Speaker: Jean-Pierre Garbani, Forrester vice president and principal analyst
BlueStripe Speaker: Vic Nyman, BlueStripe co-founder and COO