System Center Whitepaper
This paper outlines the benefits to IT teams when using System Center with automatic, Distributed Application maps and response time alerts provided by BlueStripe's FactFinder.

FactFinder + System Center

Auto-Populate Business Services in the Microsoft System Center 2012 Service Manager CMDB

Organizations are looking to Microsoft System Center 2012 to be the single platform for IT Operations management. The System Center Service Manager component is used for comprehensive service management and includes a Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

CMDBs are powerful tools when they have up-to-date information about how Configuration Items (CIs) come together as part of Business Services. FactFinder automatically discovers the real-time topology of any business application and publishes that information as Service Manager Business Services.

System Center Service Manager CMDB populated with Business Service topology data by BlueStripe Factfinder
BlueStripe FactFinder automatically populates dynamic Business Service connectivity information in System Center Service Manager, without IT teams needing to manually define them.

For the first time, Service Manager users can automate the process of documenting Business Services and the relationships between their CIs. With this context, IT professionals can determine which servers are impacted when investigating an application trouble ticket or planning a change.

Continuously populated, cross-platform Business Services in Service Manager

FactFinder discovers the topology of any distributed application or business service. This topology includes any server running on Windows, Linux, Solaris, or AIX operating systems. This topology data is published to System Center Service Manager (via Operations Manager) and continuously updates as business service configuration changes.

Use FactFinder Across the System Center 2012 Suite

You can use FactFinder’s business service topology to populate dynamic Distributed Application diagrams in System Center Operations Manager. Additionally, FactFinder’s performance alerts about the response times of each component can be published to Operations Manager and drive automated remediation in Orchestrator.