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FactFinder + System Center

Mapping and Monitoring Distributed Applications with BlueStripe and System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)

The System Center + BlueStripe solution provides real-time mapping and monitoring of Distributed Applications:

  • Distributed Application Maps into the System Center console
  • Response Time Monitoring for applications and transactions
  • Cross-System and Cross-Architecture Support
  • Integrated Problem Solving

Dynamic Distributed Application Maps for System Center

Putting BlueStripe's Distributed Application Topology Maps inside System Center Operations Manager* provides IT Operations teams with a direct link between infrastructure systems and the applications that they support.

  • Automatic: No manual mapping or configuration is needed
  • Dynamic: Maps automatically update, in real-time when the system changes
  • Cross-System: includes non-Microsoft platforms (Solaris, AIX, Linux, etc.)
  • Cross-Architecture: sees systems in the data center and in the Cloud, and connects across Hybrid environments
Dynamic Application Maps in Microsoft SCOM - System Center Operations Manager
BlueStripe FactFinder automatically builds live Distributed Application maps for System Center Operations Manager, showing each server's contribution to service levels.

Performance Monitoring

Every transaction is monitored for performance and availability, alerting IT Operations to slow servers, applications, or transactions.

Cross-System / Cross-Architecture

BlueStripe maps and monitors all the components of each distributed application, regardless of platform - including Linux, UNIX, AIX, and Solaris-based components.

Additionally, BlueStripe maps and monitors across architectures - allowing System Center to manage applications that include any combination of physical, virtual, and cloud components.

Solve Performance Problems

When problems occur, IT Operations can launch directly from System Center into a BlueStripe problem solving session, with a focus on the system that needs attention.

The System Center + BlueStripe solution provides IT Operations teams with a complete view of distributed applications, transactions, and the full infrastructure supporting them – all from within System Center Operations Manager.

Integration with Orchestrator and Service Manager

With Dynamic Distributed Application maps and performance alerts in Operations Manager, the integration can be extended to the Orchestrator and Service Manager components.

  • Service Manager can connect with Operations Manager and use BlueStripe’s Distributed Application maps to add real-time application information into the Service Manager Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
  • Orchestrator can receive BlueStripe performance alerts from Operations Manager for Application level alerting. Run-books built specifically for application level performance data can be developed and run automatically, extending Operations automation to include application issues

A Dashboard for IT Operations

The System Center + BlueStripe solution provides IT Operations teams a single dashboard for their infrastructure, Cross-System and Cross-Architecture. IT Operations can move beyond monitoring infrastructure to managing complete applications and their connections to the infrastructure.

* BlueStripe FactFinder supports integration with System Center 2007 R2 and System Center 2012