Microsoft System Center

Real Application Visibility in System Center

Live Dashboards, Maps, and Monitoring for Operations Manager, Orchestrator, and Service Manager.

Dynamic distributed application map in System CenterDynamic Distributed Application Maps

Live Distributed Application Maps loaded into System Center Operations Manager give System Center owners a single view that includes applications, transactions, and System Center infrastructure data:

  • Updated in real-time with application changes
  • Cross-Platform, Cross-System support for mapping and monitoring
  • Infrastructure Health Monitors overlaid on live maps

Distributed application performance dashboard in System CenterApplication Service Level Health Monitors

Get FactFinder status information as integrated Health Monitors visible in the System Center Operations Manager Console.

  • System Center Health Monitors for Application Service Levels and App Node Service Levels
  • Azure System Data Health Monitors overlaid on Distributed Application Maps
  • System Center Performance Alerts for Application and Transaction issues

Distributed application context in System Center Orchestrator and System Center Service ManagerApplication Context in Orchestrator and Service Manager

Using BlueStripe’s Distributed Application information in Operations Manager, owners of other System Center suite components can add application context to Orchestrator and Service Manager:

  • Automatically build Service Manager Business Services
  • Place application-specific remediation in Orchestrator Run Books
  • Automate provisioning of new infrastructure based on application load