Hybrid Cloud

 Application Management For Hybrid Cloud


Application Management for Hybrid CloudApplication management for hybrid cloud applications starts with architecture – and being able to monitor across the different types of platform. Some applications combine public cloud components with on-premise servers, some use components from public cloud and private cloud, and some use components from public cloud, private cloud, physical servers, and even 3rd party services.

The challenge is to see the entire application – to see the infrastructure that makes up each application, and to track the transactions as they move from cloud to datacenter and back. Most management systems do not provide this level of visibility – making efficient application management impossible.

FactFinder solves this problem. It provides comprehensive Application and Transaction monitoring for hybrid cloud applications – delivering complete application visibility and monitoring for applications running across all the combinations of hybrid cloud – including on-premise physical, private cloud, public cloud, and 3rd party service components.

Application Discovery and Mapping

  • Automatic application discovery and mapping across the entire hybrid cloud
  • Support for both Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) systems
  • Automatic connection of cloud-based transactions with data center counterparts

callout-cloudProblem Solving in the Hybrid Cloud

IT Operations must solve all application problems, whether they occur on-premise, in the private cloud, the public cloud, or all three. BlueStripe’s FactFinder delivers:

  • Process-level transaction monitoring across all Cloud systems
  • Deep stack visibility in Azure Cloud Services, Azure Virtual Machines, AWS, CSC, Terremark, CenturyLink, and more
  • Quick root cause determination across the infrastructure – regardless of location or platform

Automated, Integrated Cloud Management

Even Cloud-based servers can’t be managed in a vacuum. They should be managed for service-level performance, just like any other business application. FactFinder provides:

  • Cloud configuration and performance data for select Cloud environments
  • Service Level Alerts for individual platform and server systems
  • Automated provisioning through run-books integrated with cloud performance data