FactFinder Enterprise

FactFinder – Application Management for IT Operations

FactFinder is a complete IT Operations solution for managing business application performance. An Application-Aware Infrastructure Performance Monitoring tool, FactFinder helps IT Operations teams manage distributed application performance and achieve service level goals with a unified view of transactions, applications, and the underlying infrastructure. FactFinder lets you map, monitor, and fix distributed applications:


FactFinder dynamically discovers and maps application topologies, regardless of platform or system, across the data center and through the cloud.

  • Real-time, dynamic mapping of applications and transactions
  • Transaction and Server Stack data from on-premise and cloud-based systems
  • Supports Windows, Linux, Solaris, and AIX based components, with visibility to mainframes and 3rd party services
  • Any platform – virtual, physical, cloud, and hybrid-cloud


FactFinder traces each transaction as it moves through the application architecture, measuring response times at and between each application node.

  • Real-time response time monitoring of every application, process, node, connection, and resource
  • Automated identification of connection errors, bottlenecks, heavy load, and other potential issues
  • Extensive out-of-the-box dashboards enable real-time information sharing for both technologists and executives


FactFinder follows slow transactions directly to the problem component. From there, FactFinder can drill down into the stack on the slow Server for rapid root-cause determination.

FactFinder helps IT Operations teams identify and isolate numerous performance issues, including failed connections, configuration issues, bad code, DNS issues, rogue applications, mis-matched bandwidth, and much, much more.