FactFinder Transaction and Application Monitoring: Features & Benefits

FactFinder application management software delivers real-time transaction and application monitoring for IT Operations and application test teams. Helping organizations deliver better performance and availability across the application lifecycle, FactFinder features center on:

With the ability to see and monitor any TCP/IP-connected application platform, FactFinder can monitor all transactions on any application in any environment.

Real-time Application Monitoring and Transaction Monitoring


NEW  TransactionLink™ Automatic Transaction Tracing

TransactionLink automatically and accurately tracks transactions end-to-end. TransactionLink works at the scale and complexity of enterprise environments, supporting millions of transaction requests per day.


  • See exact maps of individual transaction paths
  • Follow each transaction tier-to-tier across every component
  • Get real-time updates when changes occur

Application & Transaction Service Level Dashboards

Real-time dashboard displays service level status for each Transaction and Application, sortable by status. With a single click, users can drill into an Explorer Workbench for root cause analysis.


  • See real-time transaction & application service levels
  • Get early notification of potential problems with yellow dependency alerts
  • Prioritize screen based on application loads, response times, or status

Availability, Performance, and Dependency Alerts

Proactively notify FactFinder users to availability and performance issues, whether they occur at the process, server, connection, transaction, or application level. Alert levels automatically roll up to Service Level Dashboards


  • Green: performance and availability meet requirements
  • Red: service level threshold(s) exceeded
  • Yellow: Service Level met, but a problem exists somewhere downstream in the application

Java Platform Monitoring

Monitor Java platforms like WebSphere and WebLogic, identifying problems in server configuration or Java resource usage without requiring deep code analysis.


  • Alert IT Operations to Java issues
  • Isolate configuration and resource issues in the Java tier without code analysis

Messaging Middleware Monitoring

Monitor true response time of messaging middleware such as MQ Series and TIBCO Rendezvous, from the application and transaction perspective. Front-end requests are automatically connected with back-end processing and final data delivery.


  • See true round-trip response time of transactions across messaging middleware
  • Out-of-the-box support for WebSphere MQ Series and TIBCO Rendezvous
  • Easily extendible to any other asynchronous platform


Root Cause Analysis for IT Operations


NEW  Transaction Explorer

Users can see where a specific transaction instance went, which components and systems it used, and where it spent time, from each individual component to the network, itself.


  • See the exact path a specific (individual) transaction took
  • Know the exact time the transaction spent in each component – and network connection
  • See the transaction bottleneck automatically

Correlatron™ Transaction Analytics

Transaction aware analytics feature, filtering out metrics not involved in a problem transaction, then statistically analyzing the rest to highlight the metrics users should examine first


  • Isolates and Correlates Metrics across Transaction Path
  • Pares down metric list from millions to a few dozen
  • Highlights otherwise unknown dependencies & relationships

Web Page Performance Breakdown

Manage web transactions from the total transaction perspective. Monitors full web page performance served by the application system, including a timeline breakdown of individual requests that make up complete web pages.


  • Understand true web page experience for users
  • Consolidate web page monitoring across the entire website
  • Get individual user requests for Help Desk resolution


Application and Transaction Performance Reporting


Out-of-the-box Application Performance and Triage Reports

Quickly and easily publish findings of application performance and triage analysis with just a few clicks:

  • Application System Comparison Report
  • Triage & Performance Reports
  • Inventory / Configuration Report


  • Quickly publish consolidated application performance data
  • Confirm problem solving conclusions to whole team
  • Certify new app deployments and updates with golden master

Application Benchmarking & Forecasting

With SnapShot, FactFinder can capture standard application shape and behavior (response time) for comparison to future points in time (after a data center move or conversion to a virtual infrastructure)

Dynamic Load Curves predict future application performance for different potential load levels, based on current performance data.


  • Create a Golden Standard SnapShot (architecture and performance) in just a few clicks
  • Certify new applications after initial deployment
  • Compare live application to Golden Master (SnapShot) to confirm proper behavior and configuration
  • Plan for proper architecture deployment based on true application behavior


Systems Management Integration


Dynamic Distributed Application System Maps in SCOM

Dynamic application system maps are loaded directly into Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (2007 R2), enabling Microsoft SCOM to manage applications – and extending SCOM management support beyond Microsoft systems.


  • Application system maps loaded into Microsoft SCOM
  • Integrated Server performance & config data on maps
  • Real-time updates to application maps when changes occur
  • Enablement of SCOM to see Linux, Solaris, AIX, and more

Systems Management Integration

FactFinder adds an element of prioritization to other Systems Management tools, from Event Management systems to large frameworks.


  • Know which system level alerts are actually impacting users
  • Create a prioritized list of problems to address
  • Eliminate the noise of thousands (or more) system messages
  • Put application and transaction footprint data into CMDBs


FactFinder provides 24/7 application monitoring, best-of-breed application & transaction management, and detailed root cause analysis across the entire infrastructure –Physical, Virtual, or Cloud. Request a Trial now!