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The Rise of the Hybrid Datacenter – WindowsITPro

2015 is the year of "The Hybrid Datacenter." This year we are already seeing the widespread use of hybrid cloud architectures among medium and large scale businesses. For these organizations, cloud computing offers flexibility, cost savings and fast deployment times, while on-premise systems provide reliability, security and stability. IT organizations are seeking to capture the best of both options. The result is the move to the Hybrid Datacenter.

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A Hybrid Cloud or a Hybrid Data Ecosystem? – ITBusinessEdge

It seems that the consensus for the overarching theme in data infrastructure development this year is the hybrid cloud. And while it is always helpful to have a goal when embarking on a venture such as the complete remake of the data center, in this case the goal seems a bit, well, cloudier than usual.

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Finding Common Ground in the Hybrid Cloud – WindowsITPro

"The Datacenter" is moving to the hybrid-cloud. So much so that it might as well be called the Hybrid Data Center. While the hype around the growth in the Public Cloud continues to grow, Amazon's moves to link AWS with enterprise applications and the growth of Microsoft's Azure, and Microsoft's introduction of Windows Azure Pack both highlight how the "new" enterprise environment will be a hybrid – with on-premise physical systems, private clouds, and public cloud services all contributing components to application architectures.

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BlueStripe Software 2015 Predictions: The Year of Everything Cloud – VMBlog

It's that time of year when everybody starts writing their predictions for the next year. In IT, we can write about anything and everything (and we usually do). For Cloud fans, I thought about what 2015 holds in store for all of us. In the past several years we've had predictions about the Year of Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Public Cloud, Software as a Service, and probably a few others as well.

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