Our Investors

BlueStripe Software is a privately held company. Since its founding in 2007, BlueStripe has successfully secured two rounds of financing to help produce, market, and sell our transaction and application management solutions. Our investors include:


Founded in 1986, Trinity Ventures, a boutique firm, partners with passionate entrepreneurs to transform revolutionary ideas into reality. Trinity Ventures was founded on the principle of personal engagement and mutual respect with the entrepreneurs that are funded. Trinity Ventures focuses on early stage technology ventures with a particular emphasis on digital media, internet services, mobility, security, and software markets.


Valhalla Partners is a trusted partner and advisor to technology entrepreneurs in their quest to build world-class companies. Based in Vienna, Virginia, Valhalla prefers investments where the mission of the company is to innovate, challenge and fundamentally change the dynamics of new and existing markets. Valhalla Partners brings the full power and network of its experienced team to every investment it makes, helping companies grow faster and smarter regardless of size or maturity.