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BlueStripe is recognized as a thought leader in application management, transaction monitoring, and overall systems management concepts. Press coverage of BlueStripe includes customer case studies of Lafarge, Husqvarna, and Coastal Credit Union, as well as stories authored by BlueStripe executives and customers.

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ZDNet – BlueStripe FactFinder transaction performance monitoring

BlueStripe is already well known in performance management circles due to FactFinder's ability to help IT administrators go beyond looking at application components to see what's happening from a services level. Now, BlueStripe wants to help users of Microsoft System Center move from managing components to managing service delivery.

You're Already Running Hybrid Cloud – Whether You Know It or Not

Too many times, buzzword reality doesn't match the hype. In IT, too many buzzword-driven technologies are never implemented - destined to invade our vocabulary but never make it to the raised floor. Fortunately, not only have Hybrid Cloud applications made it to the Data Center, they are changing the way IT Operations gets things done.

BlueStripe Closes 2013 with a Record 83 Percent Growth in Revenue

BlueStripe Software announced the closing of 2013 with a record 83.4 percent growth in revenues triggered by a stupendous growth in sales to existing customers by 116.2 percent and the new customers’ acquisition rate growing by 24.4 percent. BlueStripe was also awarded the coveted Gold Medal for “Best Transaction Management Solution” at the Network Product Guide Golden Bridge Awards, for the second consecutive year.

BlueStripe Closes 2013 with a Record 83 Percent Growth in Revenue

BlueStripe Software announced the closing of 2013 with a record 83.4 percent growth in revenues triggered by a stupendous growth in sales to existing customers by 116.2 percent and the new customers’ acquisition rate growing by 24.4 percent. BlueStripe was also awarded the coveted Gold Medal for “Best Transaction Management Solution” at the Network Product Guide Golden Bridge Awards, for the second consecutive year.

The new IT automation imperative

It's hard to argue with the wisdom of IT automation. With it, IT professionals can eliminate time-consuming and error-prone processes, improve uptime and customer satisfaction, impose standards and even save money. What's not to love?

IT: Cost Center or Business Partner?

IT executives are between the proverbial rock and a hard place. They would like to implement visionary IT assets designed to increase business value. Unfortunately, they spend much of their time simply getting the current project list completed, and, of course, putting out fires. Here's a new approach, though, to help Operations teams become visionary.

The Next Wave of Cloud Computing

Cloud adoption at the enterprise level requires that cloud vendors deliver on enterprise-class reliability, security, and management. While service levels for cloud computing are competitive with most companies’ on-premise datacenters, concerns about security will drive enterprise-scale organizations to choose to deploy hybrid-cloud applications. Hybrid-cloud in turn creates new distributed application management challenges. The move to hybrid-cloud for larger organizations with complex applications will depend on vendors’ ability to deliver comprehensive application management that spans across both cloud and datacenter environments.

Enterprise IT Ops with BlueStripe and Microsoft System Center

A significant trend is taking place in the industry as companies are increasingly taking their IT Operations management to Microsoft’s System Center platform. It’s increasingly becoming the centerpiece of IT Operations management strategy across the land. A product from BlueStripe Software augments that management picture by focusing on applications, and thus delivering a full spectrum of monitoring and response capabilities that is rather unique.

Is the Cloud ready for Mission Critical Apps?

“Cloud Computing!”
Is it the savior of IT or the bane of our existence?
Cloud computing has extreme potential, especially for achieving operational efficiencies and cost savings. Unfortunately, with that potential is the potential for business disaster. What steps can you take to ensure that your Cloud is ready for mission critical apps?

How to Keep Your Apps Running Optimally: 10 Best Practices

Nearly two-thirds of IT operations and production-support executives at enterprise-level organizations in a recent industry poll said it takes far too long to resolve business-impacting application outages or slowdowns. Here are 10 best practices aimed at this problem.

The Year of the Hybrid Cloud for the Enterprise

2013 will be The Year of the Hybrid Cloud. Hybrid cloud is the trend that unlocks public cloud adoption for the really big IT spenders: enterprise IT. Specifically, the big iron organizations are combining the flexibility and power of public cloud platforms for customer facing front-end systems while relying on the enterprise class transaction processing of their existing data centers. They are exploiting the best of both worlds – positioning hybrid cloud for significant growth in 2013.

Service-Oriented Problem Solving, by Vic Nyman

How can a service-oriented approach to IT Operations be practically applied? This article looks at a pragmatic application toward problem solving.

BlueStripe End-to-End Transaction Monitoring in Azure Hybrid Cloud Environments

BlueStripe Software announced full functionality and support for its FactFinder Transaction Monitoring solution in Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud environments, becoming the first and only transaction and application performance monitoring solution to track transactions end-to-end across Hybrid environments that include systems in both the data center and in the Azure Cloud.

BlueStripe Unveils FactFinder Express

BlueStripe Software unveiled FactFinder Express, the industry's first transaction and distributed application performance monitoring tool built specifically for Server Administrators.

Taking a Service-Oriented Approach to IT Operations, by Vic Nyman

“It’s tough to be strategic when your pants are on fire.” That quote from Ron Kifer, Hewlett-Packard’s VP of Global IT, sums up the challenge that IT leaders at all levels are struggling with. Companies want IT to be a full partner in the business – not just a cost center but a source of innovation. The ideal CIO is one who harnesses technology to provide new growth areas and differentiate existing offerings. For most, however, that ideal remains at best aspirational.

Managing Servers from the Distributed Application Perspective , by Vic Nyman

APMdigest recently published a list of the top factors that impact application performance. Answers varied, but a common theme was that application complexity has become a major roadblock to high performance. EMA Analyst Julie Craig put it perfectly when she described an environment where the next problem could come from anywhere – not just from the application code.

Critical Enterprise Applications and Cloud Deployments, by Vic Nyman

New technologies always generate hype. To cut through the hype and find the value, you have to see how things fit in the real world, both in implementation and in actual realized benefits.

BlueStripe's FactFinder Integrated with Microsoft System Center 2012

BlueStripe Software, a leader in transaction and application performance monitoring solutions, today announced comprehensive integration of its FactFinder monitoring software with Microsoft System Center 2012 including Operations Manager, Service Manager and Orchestrator. This integration gives IT infrastructure and operations teams an end-to-end monitoring view of how each server is contributing to the application service levels delivered to users, allowing for quick identification and remediation of issues that threaten the end-user experience.

BlueStripe Delivers SOITO

BlueStripe Software introduces a new IT Management methodology called Service-Oriented IT Operations (SOITO), a practical framework for effective service level management.

Countering the Cloud Threat: Service-Oriented IT Ops, by Vic Nyman

Cloud computing is perceived as a significant threat by some data center organizations. But IT organizations can turn that threat into an opportunity (while helping to deliver business innovations to their enterprises) by changing the management focus from server resources to a Service-Oriented approach.

Improving IT Ops Service Levels and Efficiency, by Vic Nyman

Operations teams are responsible for delivering critical business services. With the complex interconnections of today's modern enterprise applications, conventional IT management tools can't help these teams deliver the service levels expected by the business.

BlueStripe Offers Server Monitoring Tool FactFinder Express

To address the challenges of server monitoring, BlueStripe Software has introduced FactFinder Express, the first transaction and distributed application performance monitoring tool developed specifically for Server and Systems Administrators.

Chaos Characterizes IT Operations Management

A new BlueStripe survey of 166 IT operations executives at large companies in the United States finds that IT operations management isn't very effective. While that may be a source of consternation for those IT executives, the fact that so many organizations need help from IT operations represents a potential boon for the channel.

IT Operations Unsatisfied with APM and BSM, Survey Says

More than half of senior IT operations executives are dissatisfied with their Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions, and 75% are dissatisfied with their Business Service Monitoring (BSM) solutions. While reasons vary, a common theme is the inability of these tools to keep pace with the make-up of applications both in the data center and within public and hybrid cloud environments.

What Will it Take to Get IT Execs Comfortable with the Cloud?

BlueStripe's 2013 IT Operations Executive Survey reveals an overwhelming reluctance by Enterprise execs to embrace deployment in Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud environments. Given some of the results about application performance and application management, it's not too hard to understand that a lack of confidence and control is one reason why.

BlueStripe Tracks, Troubleshoots Transactions On-Premise & in The Cloud

BlueStripe Software is shipping the latest edition of its FactFinder transaction performance and availability monitoring solution. Using the company’s TransactionLink technology FactFinder v7 automatically traces individual transactions end-to-end across on-premise and cloud infrastructures – without code changes, APIs, or network devices.

Cloud Computing: Crossing the Management Gap

Private cloud and hybrid cloud implementation is gaining in popularity since it provides a combination of cost savings and enterprise level security. Unfortunately, private cloud creates a management gap in conventional IT management tools. There is a way, though, that companies can take advantage of private cloud without giving up on performance and availability management: transaction monitoring.

Cloud 2013: The Next Frontier

Cloud Computing Magazine explores the future of Cloud computing, interviewing executives from industry leaders, including BlueStripe's Vic Nyman. Ultimately, the success of Cloud projects, especially Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud, depends on the ability to manage transaction performance both in and out of the cloud.

Husqvarna Uses BlueStripe Across Application Portfolio

Husqvarna Group, the world's largest maker of outdoor lawn and garden equipment, is powering up an updated e-commerce network designed to share business information with tens of thousands of trading partners around the world and facilitate order fulfillment with the company's factories. They're using BlueStripe FactFinder to ensure the stability of these critical apps.

BlueStripe CEO Chris Neal Discusses Transaction Monitoring in the Cloud

Conventional wisdom holds that management in the cloud shifts from infrastructure to the application layer, but it's important not to take your eyes off the actual transactions running across the application. Transaction monitoring allows both the application development team and the infrastructure team to know what's going on out there.

BlueStripe Keeps Video Tellers Stable and Running

Credit Unions across the country are employing complex applications to provide better service and longer active hours to customers, all while cutting overall costs. Keeping the applications that make up the backbone of these offerings running well is imperative. BlueStripe is helping Coastal Credit Union keep their Personal Teller Machines Running at Peak Levels.

Husqvarna Group Selects FactFinder

Transaction Monitoring is crucial and required to check financial crime, risk and compliance management within an organization. Husqvarna Group, the producer of outdoor power products will deploy FactFinder Transaction Monitoring Solution, developed by BlueStripe Software to all its diverse IT systems.

Jackson Hewitt Partners with BlueStripe to Manage Tax-Time Applications

Jackson Hewitt chooses BlueStripe Software's FactFinder to manage application and transaction performance across all of 6,600 franchise locations.

Gartner Names BlueStripe Software as a Cool Vendor

BlueStripe included in first ever "Cool Vendors in APM" report from Gartner. BlueStripe Software’s FactFinder application management solution assists IT companies and their support teams with keeping track of the performance and availability of application transaction systems. With the help of FactFinder, IT administrators can follow transactions wherever they go including tiers, platforms, and various environments such as virtual machines, private clouds, and third-party services.

BlueStripe Introduces New Transaction Analytics

BlueStripe Software, a provider of application transaction management solutions, announced the availability of transaction-specific analytics for problem isolation.

FactFinder named as Network World Product of the Week

FactFinder v5.6 includes the new Correlatron Transaction Analytics Feature, which filters out meaningless metrics from across the infrastructure to highlight a small set of likely culprits.

NC Tech News Q & A Session with BlueStripe CEO Chris Neal

When BlueStripe started, IT executives across the Fortune 500 confirmed a need for a new approach that manages the whole application system – one that could monitor both transactions and the IT systems they depend on together. BlueStripe provides application and transaction performance management solutions for IT Operations and Support teams through our flagship product called FactFinder.

Network World – Demand growing for application performance management tools

The growing importance of reliable applications in the enterprise has opened a lucrative market opportunity for application performance management vendors, some of which have taken full advantage lately.

APM Digest – The Enterprise Struggles With Transaction Availability, by Vic Nyman

If IT operations and support teams seem a bit frazzled these days, it's perfectly understandable. They're constantly being plowed under by the weight of managing multiple mission-critical application technologies that grow more complex by the day. What do IT Execs have to say about this?

Application Management, Infrastructure Complexity Challenge IT – CIO Insight Magazine

Despite increased investments in IT tools to manage business applications and transactions, enterprises are still struggling with transaction availability and the growing complexity of their IT infrastructure. In fact, according to the BlueStripe sponsored survey of IT Executives, sixty-eight percent have invested in more than three distinct application and transaction management tools – and still can't solve all their problems.

Application Management Hinders IT Operations – eWeek

Even though 68 percent of organizations have invested in 3 or more transaction management tools, the vast majority of surveyed executives indicated that their biggest concern is the inability of their Operations team to solve problems when they occur.

BlueStripe Digs in to Get the Facts for Application Performance Management

Performance metrics and dependencies are the key focus of BlueStripe's Transaction & Application Monitoring solution.  Knowing which servers are part of which applications – and all the dependencies between them – can mean the difference between being in control and flying blind.  BlueStripe's solutions show IT Operations WHAT makes up application systems, WHERE transaction problems exist, and WHY those problems occurred.

Bluestripe's FactFinder Irons out Transaction Management Issues – TMCNet

The growing complexity of IT infrastructures and challenges that enterprises face when solving transaction issues are highlighted in BlueStripe's IT Executive Survey. BlueStripe's FactFinder solution can tackle these situations for IT operations.

10 Cloud Predictions for 2012

Annual APM Digest list includes BlueStripe CEO Chris Neal prediction of the future of Transaction Monitoring in 2012.

Enterprise Systems – BlueStripe Releases Transaction Monitoring and Tracing Solution

BlueStripe's FactFinder v5.5 bridges the management gap between transactions, applications, and the underlying infrastructure. FactFinder v5.5 includes several new transaction monitoring and tracing features, including new Cross-Machine Transaction Views

BlueStripe Provides Insight Into Why Apps Fail

Tools that tell you an application problem have occurred are a dime a dozen. The hard part is knowing why an application problem occurs. That's what BlueStripe's FactFinder does, even with today's complex application systems.

BlueStripe CEO Chris Neal Discusses Transaction Monitoring with APM Digest

Chris Neal, BlueStripe co-founder and CEO, discusses the complexity of today's applications, the the evolution of Transaction Monitoring, and the future of Application Performance Management tools.

Time to Update the Management Toolkit

One of the things that drives a customer into the arms of solution providers more easily than anything else is anything to do with managing ongoing IT operations. Every customer out there falls in love with one application or another, but when it comes to living with that application they inevitably want somebody else to take care of it for them.

Overcoming IT Blindness

One of the bad things about virtualization is that it introduces a layer of software that blinds application management tools to what’s happening with the underlying physical hardware. A variety of companies, such as BlueStripe Software, are addressing this issue. BlueStripe, for example, has developed a suite of application management tools that correlates information about application performance with what’s happening at both the virtual machine layer and the underlying hardware.

Business Trends Quarterly – Virtual IT (by Vic Nyman)

Vic Nyman, Co-founder and COO of BlueStripe Software, talks about managing complex applications in virtualized environments. While many tools help manage virtual servers, they provide little real-time, actionable data on how the applications themselves perform and how these virtualized applications interact with one another and the infrastructure in which they reside. Today, a new generation of Application Service Management (ASM) tools are capable of providing real-time, actionable application data — a first for the virtualized data center environment.

Triangle Business Journal – Small software company nabs $8 million to jumpstart commercialization

BlueStripe Software has closed on $8 million in second round funding, a cash infusion intended to help the Morrisville startup build on its efforts to commercialize its technology.

TechJournal South – BlueStripe Software raises $8 million

BlueStripe Software, a company selling application service management solutions to help migrate and manage enterprise applications in a virtual server environment, has raised an $8 million round of funding. The investment round was led by Valhalla Partners, with BlueStripe’s initial investor, Trinity Ventures, also participating.

Local Tech Wire – Virtualization software firm BlueStripe goes green with $8M in new capital

BlueStripe Software, a two-year-old startup focused on virtualization technology, has closed on $8 million in new financing, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. "This additional funding allows us to accelerate our growth and expand our capabilities for customers moving to new platforms, such as cloud or virtual infrastructures, enabling them to change the way they manage their business-critical applications," Neal said in a statement.

The News & Observer – BlueStripe on a blue streak

BlueStripe Software has attracted $8 million in venture capital financing, money that will pay to double the young technology company's work force. The Morrisville company, founded in late 2007, has 22 employees. Its leaders are hiring sales and marketing workers, as well as other staff, and plan to expand to about 45 employees by the end of 2009.

Information Week – The InformationWeek Startup 50: Business Technology Companies To Watch

The companies that made our list were assessed on the following criteria: innovation in technology or business model; value, delivered in lower costs, increased sales, higher productivity, or improved customer loyalty; and enterprise readiness, meaning a product that scales and is ready for deployment. – Virtualization: Doing More Harm Than Good?

Enterprises virtualizing their infrastructure to help cut costs could be in for a shock -- system performance may be degraded and they may not save as much money as they had hoped, unless they manage the performance of their business-critical applications.

eWEEK – FactFinder named to Products to Watch for 2009

eWEEK editors name the new hardware, software and services enterprise IT managers should have on their radars. – 10 Start-ups to Watch in '09

Read about why Network World thinks BlueStripe Software is 1 of the top 10 start-ups to watch in 2009.

Virtual Strategy Magazine – Applications Become Center-Stage with Virtualization Growth (by Vic Nyman)

Today's organizations are pushing hard to realize the benefits of virtualizing their systems. But as easy conversions are being completed, new challenges are arising. Better management solutions will be a necessity for effectively handling applications running on a virtual infrastructure. – 10 IT management companies to watch

A look at the technology that these start-ups say will make them stand out from the pack.

TechJournal South – BlueStripe Software eases management of virtualization environments

Virtualization offers many advantages including flexibility and cost-savings, but as a second wave of adopters move to virtualized environments, application management can become a problem. A group of four systems management veterans founded BlueStripe Software to address that problem. – Start-up takes on application management in virtual environments

BlueStripe Software aims to solve the application visibility issues that crop up when multi-tier applications rely on virtual servers. – Stealthy BlueStripe Concentrates On Managing Apps In VMs

The company's FactFinder product will initially work with applications in virtual machines generated by VMware's ESX Server and with Citrix Systems XenServer. Think virtualization of the data center is hot? It's going to get hotter, if newcomer BlueStripe Software has its way.

Channel Virtualization – BlueStripe releases FactFinder - insight & intelligence at the application level

BlueStripe Software announced the official launch of operations and its first commercial product, FactFinder.

eWEEK – Managing Applications in a Virtual Environment

For all the great work being done on the management of virtual machines these days, much of it may be missing the point. That's one of the tenets behind a new FactFinder application management offering from a startup company called BlueStripe Software that is making its debut at the Demo conference. – Bluestripe to tackle application management in virtual environments

Today marks the launch of Bluestripe, a Research Triangle Park, NC startup focused on application service management in virtualized data centers. The company’s first product, called FactFinder, allows IT administrators to manage application performance and availability across the data center. This platform, they argue, will allow users to deploy more multi-tier business critical applications on virtual servers.

A Partial Answer to Virtual Sprawl

So far, FactFinder is designed for the early adoption phase of virtualization, as application support teams start to move critical applications to virtual machines. Future versions of the product will monitor applications and help fix performance problems as they arise. The first release is for Windows and VMWare environments; later versions will encompass other operating systems and virtualization software.