FactFinder™ v7 – Transaction and Application Performance Monitoring

FactFinder Application performance monitoring software tracks business transactions end-to-end across the data center and through the cloud, monitoring the performance of each application and transaction. By combining transaction and application performance monitoring, with tracnsaction tracing and infrastructure monitoring in a single tool, FactFinder provides powerful availability  and performance management capabilities, including:

  • Fast and detailed problem and root cause determination
  • Transaction & Application Performance Monitoring
  • Application & transaction mapping
  • Before & After Comparison Reporting

This transaction-centric approach to application performance monitoring shows IT Operations and Support teams
WHERE applications get stuck – and WHY they get stuck.

  • Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

    Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

    Application Management System Summary Screen

    FactFinder automatically monitors all application
    dependencies and transaction performance

    FactFinder tracks each transaction through the data center and across the cloud – from the web tier, through middleware, databases, mainframes, and even out to third-party services. Users see where each transaction goes, which application and system components it relies on, and how long it takes at each hop.

    TransactionLink™ Technology

    Every transaction has unique characteristics. FactFinder’s TransactionLink technology recognizes and reads these characteristics – like reading the transaction’s genetic code – and uses that genetic code to identify and follow each transaction everywhere it goes across the infrastructure.

    Three Step Transaction Monitoring Process

    FactFinder monitors transaction performance with a 3 step process:

    1. Discover and map application topology
    2. Track all transactions across the infrastructure
    3. Connect application and infrastructure data with the overlying transaction performance

    all without intrusive tags, new code changes, or network devices.

    Manage ANY Application – on ANY Platform – in ANY Environment

    FactFinder can monitor the performance of any network connected application, application component, and transaction

    1. Custom Applications (ANY Code): J2EE, .NET, Java EE, C, C++, C#, COBOL, ...
    2. ANY Protocol: From http to SQL, even your custom protocols
    3. ANY Packaged Application: SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Exchange, ...
    4. Web Servers: IIS, Apache, SunOne
    5. Application Servers: WebSphere, WebLogic, SharePoint, JBoss, Tomcat, BizTalk
    6. Messaging Middleware: MQ Series, Tibco Rendezvous, MS MQ, FIXX, and more
    7. Database & Storage: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, Brocade, EMC, ...
    8. Cloud Monitoring: Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Azure, ...

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  • Root Cause Determination

    Root Cause Determination

    FactFinder Application Management App Explorer Screen

    FactFinder's Explorer workbenches enable
    hop-by-hop triage of application or transaction issues

    When availability or performance problems occur, FactFinder breaks through platform technology barriers to get to the problem quickly. Unlike silo-focused tools, FactFinder follows transactions across every system and architecture right to the problem. The use by IT Operations is simple:

    1. Follow slow transactions right to the problem component
    2. Drill down from the transaction into the server stack to determine the root cause

    Transaction Explorer and Automatic Bottleneck Detection

    FactFinder's Transaction Explorer shows a complete map of the individual transaction's path across the application infrastructure. Users can see the exact time spent by the transaction in each component and each network hop between components. The Transaction Explorer auomatically analyzes these times, identifies the slowest component, and marks it in the map. FactFinder then drills down the server stack of the problem component to find the true root cause.

    Java Monitoring for WebSphere, WebLogic, and JVM Platforms

    For monitoring and problem isolation in the Java tier, FactFinder eliminates the need for IT Operations teams to use code-level, deep dive tools. For WebSphere, WebLogic, and the Java platform, FactFinder provides monitoring and problem solving for the most common Java resource and system issues.

    Network problem determination (including DNS)

    When problems exist in the network, FactFinder can quickly show where in the network the problem has occurred. FactFinder also monitors DNS transaction components to identify problems in the DNS layer.

    Correlatron™ Transaction Analytics Workbench

    Correlatron combines information about transactions and live dependencies with correlation and analysis techniques to "find the needle in the haystack".  When an application problem occurs, Correlatron isolates and analyzes only the relevant performance data and resources along the problematic transaction path; providing a short list of suspects - and a fast-path to the actual problem.

    Historical Problem Solving

    FactFinder includes a revolutionary data recording engine that stores performance metrics, dependencies, and maps of managed systems.  This feature allows you to replay any moment or time window for problem diagnosis. If a problem occurs when no one is watching (like over lunch, overnight or over the weekend), FactFinder can go back in time to show you how the systems looked before, during, and after the problem.You can even compare those time windows to FactFinder Snapshots for comparisons to "normal" benchmarks or to identify unexpected changes in the monitored systems.

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  • Reporting / Benchmarking

    Reporting & Benchmarking

    Application Management Web Reporting Engine

    Add Business Intelligence to FactFinder Data
    and drive easily dharable web based reports.

    IT Operations teams need their management solutions to assist them in identifying problems and hot spots, and to show how applications and transactions are performing. FactFinder includes reporting capabilities that make it easy to prove service levels and to compare against previous measurements.

    Web Based Analytics & Reporting Platform

    FactFinder adds Business Intelligence analysis to transaction performance and dependency data. FactFinder provides report generation capability, as well as drill down exploration of data for deeper understanding. Ready-to-run reports include:

    1. Transaction Dashboards - worst transactions by performance
    2. Transaction Reports - performance by application tier
    3. Server Utilization & Capacity Reports
    4. Individual Server performance profiles
    5. Server Dependency Reports
    6. Transaction Dependency Reports
    7. Drill-Down Performance Report

    Historical SnapShots and Comparison Reports

    A key piece of the Operations arsenal is the ability to compare present conditions and performance to past situations.  In just a few clicks, FactFinder users can store a SnapShot (which includes performance AND dependency data) for later use.  Snapshots can be used to compare to "normal" time periods, to applications in QA & staging systems, or after systems changes to ensure successful Before & After transitions.