Application Management & Transaction Monitoring Case Studies

Eliminating the War Room at State Auto

Industry: Insurance

Efficiently Solving Application Problems

Technical Challenge: Efficiently Solve Performance Issues

Summary: The IT team at State Auto Insurance found themselves in the spotlight, and not a good one. For several weeks, a chronic performance issue had plagued State Auto's quote delivery application.

A "SWAT" team of twenty-two experts were crammed together in a war room, yet there was no end in sight for the application performance issues. The team diligently worked together to solve the issues, but they didn't know where to start.

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Unum Insurance Stops Application Firefights with FactFinderApplication Management within Private Cloud

Industry: Insurance

Technical Challenge: Stop Constant Application Firefights

Summary:As the world's largest provider of disability insurance, the Unum Insurance Group understands that their business applications are critical to the company's success. In the IT organization, teams that worked together referred to each other officially as partners.

Unfortunately, a new IT initiative around rapid application deployment was creating issues between the IT Infrastructure & Operations team and their "Application Partners" that developed the applications.

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Private Cloud Monitoring at Lafarge

Industry: Materials

Application Management within Private Cloud

Technical Challenge: No visibility inside Private Cloud

Summary: The global construction materials company had problems dispatching trucks, and their Application Management solutions weren't helping. Newly virtualized apps had performance problems that were impacting customer satisfaction.

Following transactions as they crossed physical and virtual servers, FactFinder quickly found a Windows configuration issue absolving the virtual servers.

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Ensuring Transaction Connections with FactFinder at VocaLink

Industry: Banking / Finance

Application Management in Constantly Changing Transaction Environment

Technical Challenge: Constantly changing application systems rendered traditional tools useless

Summary: Companies that handle financial transactions have two application needs – high volume and high performance. A European leader in financial transaction handling wanted more control over their apps. With constant updates to application components and architecture, the company's systems and application management tools couldn't keep up.

The transactions were too critical to continue the risk of uncertified updates. BlueStripe's Transaction and Application Performance Monitoring solution monitored the performance of applications, transactions, and infrastructure together. Using FactFinder performance baselines, the company published comparison reports to certify every application update.

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Virtualization Project Makes the Grade with FactFinderApplication Management in Constantly Changing Transaction Environment

Industry: Higher Education

Technical Challenge: No Visibility into 9-Tier Application

Summary: When a leading online university had performance issues with their nine tier customer relationship (CRM) application, their application management tools were of no use. After months with no problem resolution, everybody blamed a new virtualization project, but neither the Operations team nor the Virtual Infrastructure team, had been able to isolate the application problem.

With a new semester approaching, they called in BlueStripe to solve the problem before students were impacted. It took minutes for FactFinder to map the entire 9-Tier application topology. FactFinder quickly confirmed that the virtual servers performed identically to non-virtual servers. A short time later, FactFinder found the root cause, a poorly performing database used by virtual and physical servers alike.

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Defense Projects March on with FactFinderApplication Management in Constantly Changing Transaction Environment

Industry: Defense / Manufacturing

Technical Challenge: Scalability issues with massively distributed worldwide document management application

Summary: When you have collaborative projects all over the world, the ability to communicate and document decisions is critical. Unfortunately, the a global defense contractor experienced application outages when the document management system volumes exceeded 250 users. The system was scheduled to expand to 1500 concurrent users in mere weeks. The need to fix the scalablility was beyond critical.

With a document management system made up of shared Web, Database, Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint Servers, convnetional server and application management tools were useless. Each user transaction followed a unique path. FactFinder automatically mapped the application topology and followed slow transactions right to the problem (SURPRISE! – it wasn't the document system).

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PeopleSoft Application Management Case Study FactFinder Solves Integrated PeopleSoft Application Issues

Industry: Government

Technical Challenge: Achieve acceptable PeopleSoft Application Management in complex environment

Summary: In the middle of a successful PeopleSoft virtualization project, a county government ran into a snag. To date, physical servers were reduced by 50% for a savings of $125,000. But when the PeopleSoft Utility Billing Module was converted to a virtual / Private Cloud environment, the application experienced performance problems. With no solution for weeks, other virtualization projects were suspended.

Since FactFinder works on any app, the Transaction / Application Monitoring solution quickly mapped out each module (including Billing) of the PeopleSoft application. It didn't take long before FactFinder proved that the problem wasn't only in virtual servers – and actually find the cause of performance problems impacting all applications.

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Application Management and Benchmarking in a P2V Project Staying Connected After a Virtual Conversion with FactFinder

Industry: Telecommunications / Service

Technical Challenge: Get Application Management Solution that Helps Avoid P2V Collateral Damage

Summary: Server de-commissioning is a great way to achieve value in virtual projects. A large Telco wanted to consolidate servers into their mid-Atlantic data center. This facility houses hundreds of servers running dozens of applications. The IT Operations team wanted to consolidate servers, but they were unsure which applications were dependent on which servers. Their conventional IT Management tools weren't helping.

Server Monitoring had no application visibility – conversely, application management tools couldn't see server dependencies. FactFinder was installed and mapped out each application topology. More importantly, for each server, FactFinder created a comprehensive list of applications dependent on that server – allowing informed decisions to be made about de-commissioning and virtual conversion with minimal interruption to business services.

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